Sophie Linnenbaum | Martin Umbach | Rainer Reiners

First Steps Nomination for »The Ordinaries«

Sophie Linnenbaum | Martin Umbach | Rainer Reiners

First Steps Nomination for »The Ordinaries«

Monday, August 15, 2022

Sophie Linnenbaum has been nominated for the First Steps Award in the category feature film with »The Ordinaries«.

The award ceremony takes place in Berlin on 26th September 2022.

Director: Sophie Linnebaum
Casting Director: Karl Schirnhofer 
Production: Bandenfilm, ZDF – Das kleine Fernsehspiel, Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf

Photo Sophie Linnenbaum © Jonas Ludwig Walther, Press photo © Bandenfilm

Sophie Linnenbaum

Sophie Linnenbaum was born in Nuremberg. Due to the strong regional patriotism of her homeland – cue annual Bratwurst summit – her interest in social themes was awakened early on. She studied psychology and worked as a playwright before beginning her film studies at the Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF. In her cinematic works, her greatest interests come together – the gaze of curiosity on the human species and system and the possibility of creating narrative mirror worlds.
With a passion for the humorous and playful, her films illuminate the trials and tribulations of the human cosmos without losing the affectionate view of the characters. Her poignant (short) films such as PIX (German Short Film Award 2017), DAS MENSCH (2019) or VÄTER UNSER (2021) have won numerous awards and screened at numerous national and international festivals.
Besides film, she collects meaningful quotes from trash formats and cultivates a serious passion for spaghetti ice cream, good books and Brecht.

Martin Umbach

Martin was drawn to the performing arts through a highschool production of Max Frisch’s “Nun singen sie wieder”. His role as the cultured and yet deeply evil SS officer Herbert was so contradictory to his own values and beliefs that he experienced a spiritual crisis – and yet it gave him the greatest of joys to BE that other person. This made him give up on the idea to become a jazz musician and he studied acting. In 1978 he was hired to be a member of a smalltown repertoire theater for three years before he went freelance. He has been working in theatre, television, movies and radio ever since. Soon he started to work in international productions opposite actors like Jean-Paul Belmondo, Christopher Walken, Jeremy Irons and Klaus Maria Brandauer. German audiences saw him in highly acclaimed pictures like ROULA (dir. Martin Enlen) and ANTIBODIES (dir. Christian Alvart). Martin is also known for his voice work. He borrows his German voice for George Clooney, Russell Crowe, Javier Bardem, Kenneth Branagh, Geoffrey Rush and many others. His love for literature is met when he records audio books. Over the years he wrote many stage plays, movie scripts and novels. Together with Michael Seyfried he conceived and wrote the 13-volumes astrological crime series SPIEL DER STERNE, published at Rowohlt Verlag. In Los Angeles he is currently negotiating a TV production of the series for the American market.

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Rainer Reiners

Rainer Reiners was born in 1960, the youngest of five children on a small farm in a tiny village in Northern Germany, where he lived a childhood of unimaginable freedom.

At 15 he was forced to move to the Palatinate. There was a new father and he had to attend the high school. He became a left-wing radical, grew his hair long, learned to play the guitar, dropped out of school and sought his happiness in such unpretentious occupations as construction worker, miner and lumberjack.

He didn’t find it, either professionally or otherwise. He wrote love songs full of weltschmerz and just missed becoming the German answer to Leonard Cohen. Then he became a lighting technician, which enabled him to witness the wonderful one-man play, “The Double Bass”, by Patrick Süskind.

In 1985, he attempted to become a film director by studying advertising in Berlin, hoping to somehow become the German answer to Woody Allen. He also performed “The Double Bass” on stage and afterwards switched his field of study to acting at Die Etage, Berlin, a program from which he graduated in 1990.

Since then, Rainer has worked in many theatre productions as well as in international films, TV movies and series.