Ella Rumpf

Actress | 1995 | Swiss | Zurich, Paris

Personal Data

Languages: Swiss German (native speaker), French (native speaker), German, English (fluent), Serbian (basic - learnt if for her role in Sympathy for the Devil)

Residence: Zurich, Paris

Place of birth: Paris

Nationality: Swiss

Height: 1.67m (5' 5.7“)

Hair: dark brown

Eyes: green

Training: “Giles Foreman Centre for Acting in London” 2013-2015, Atelierschule Zurich 2013

Sports: boxing, canoe, snowboard, swimming

Actors Training: Physical Traning of Yat Malgren


nom. Schweizer Filmpreis "Best Actress" for SOUL OF THE BEAST

70th Berlinale: European Shooting Star 2020

won Public Audience Award "Best Supporting Actress" Jean Carmet Festival for SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL, 2019

nom. German Film Critics Award "Best Actress" for TIGER GIRL, 2018

Selection as Révelation César for GRAVE, 2018

nom. FIRST STEPS AWARD 2017 Götz-George Newcomer Award, 2017

won NEW FACES AWARD 'Best Upcoming Actress', 2017

nom. SWISS FILM AWARDS 'Best Supporting Role' in WAR

Feature | Television

2022 | Le Théorème de Marguerite | TS Productions | feature film | Director: Anne Novion

2022 | Northern Comfort | One Two Films, Netop Films, Good Chaos Films | feature film | Director: Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurosson

2021 | Succession | Gary Sanchez Productions, Hyperobject Industries, Project Zeus | HBO | TV series | Director: Mark Mylod, Showrunner Jesse Armstrong | Season 3

2021 | Tokyo Vice | Endeavor Content | HBO Max | TV series | Director: Michael Mann, Destin Daniel Cretton

2018 | Freud | Bavaria Fiction, Satel Film | Netflix, ORF | TV series | Director: Marvin Kren | ensemble lead

2018 | Lindenberg! Mach dein Ding! | Letterbox Filmproduktion | DCM Filmverleih | feature film | Director: Hermine Huntgeburth

2018 | Gut gegen Nordwind | Komplizen Film | feature film | Director: Vanessa Jopp

2018 | Sympathy for the Devil | Monkey Pack Films, Go Films, Nexus Factory | feature film | Director: Guillaume de Fontenay | Jean Carmet Festival "Best Supporting Actress"

2017 | Soul of a Beast | Hesse Film | feature film | Director: Lorenz Merz

2017 | Asphaltgorillas | Olga Film | feature film | Director: Detlev Buck

2016 | Raw (OT: Grave) | Petit Film | feature film | Director: Julia Ducournau | lead | Cannes Filmfestival

2016 | Tiger Girl | Fogma | Constantin Film | feature film | Director: Jakob Lass | lead | Opening Film Berlinale 'Panorama Special'

2013 | War (OT: Chrieg) | Hugofilm | feature film | Director: Simon Jaquemet | nom. Swiss Film Awards



Ella Rumpf was born in Paris in 1995 and grew up bilingual (German/French) in Zurich. In 2011 she made her acting debut in the feature film SUMMER OUTSIDE (OT: DRAUSSEN IST SOMMER) directed by Friederike Jehn. This experience was the catalyst for Ella to pursue her career as an actress and study acting in London. However, before she began her studies, she was cast in the role of Ali in the multi-award winning feature film KRIEG (CHRIEG) by Simon Jaquemet and was nominated for the Swiss Film Award in the category “Best Supporting Actress”. Other leading roles followed in films such as TIGER GIRL by Jakob Lass and RAW by Julia Ducournau, as well as the series FREUD, SUCCESSION and TOKYO VICE, directed by Michael Mann, among others.

Showreel HISTORY



‘Succession’ Season 3 Adds ‘Raw’ Star Ella Rumpf




Variety Unveils 10 Europeans to Watch for 2018

Ella Rumpf is one of them – because she »starred in one of the most auspicious debuts in recent years, Julia Ducournau’s RAW In 2017, she starred in THE DIVINE ORDER and TIGER GIRL with Detlev Buck’s GORILLAS on deck.«



Close-up: An Interview with Ella Rumpf

Close-up: An Interview with Ella Rumpf

»ELLA Rumpf is one of Europe’s finest young actresses. […] Her latest film, Tiger Girl, will air at the BFI Film Festival on Thursday (October 5). Ella took some time out of her busy filming schedule to talk to Prestridge.«


Migros Magazin

"Eine Tigerin mit sanften Seiten"

“Ella Rumpf has the potential to be the new Swiss Moviestar.”EllaRumpf_MigrosCover_27032017


The International Press wrap for RAW

RAW was extremely well received by critics at this year’s Cannes, receiving almost unanimously positive reviews:

ER_RAW_INTERNATIONAL press wrap Cannes 2016


ER_QUOTES RAW Cannes 2016


Vice Germany



Interview with Shootingstar Ella Rumpf

Interview with Shootingstar Ella Rumpf | annabelle_032015

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