Rainer Reiners | Yun Huang

Netflix Series »Kleo« has started shooting

Rainer Reiners | Yun Huang

Netflix Series »Kleo« has started shooting

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Shooting has started on Netflix series »Kleo« with Yun Huang cast in a main role. Rainer Reiners is also cast in the series.

Directors: Viviane Andereggen, Jano Ben Chaabane
Casting director: Karen Wendland
Production: Zeitsprung Pictures
Streaming: Netflix

Photos: YUN HUANG (© Philippe Rives)

Rainer Reiners

Rainer Reiners was born in 1960, the youngest of five children on a small farm in a tiny village in Northern Germany, where he lived a childhood of unimaginable freedom.

At 15 he was forced to move to the Palatinate. There was a new father and he had to attend the high school. He became a left-wing radical, grew his hair long, learned to play the guitar, dropped out of school and sought his happiness in such unpretentious occupations as construction worker, miner and lumberjack.

He didn’t find it, either professionally or otherwise. He wrote love songs full of weltschmerz and just missed becoming the German answer to Leonard Cohen. Then he became a lighting technician, which enabled him to witness the wonderful one-man play, “The Double Bass”, by Patrick Süskind.

In 1985, he attempted to become a film director by studying advertising in Berlin, hoping to somehow become the German answer to Woody Allen. He also performed “The Double Bass” on stage and afterwards switched his field of study to acting at Die Etage, Berlin, a program from which he graduated in 1990.

Since then, Rainer has worked in many theatre productions as well as in international films, TV movies and series.