BIRGIT GUÐJÓNSDÓTTIR | Matthias Fleischer | Carmen Treichl

New at Spielkind | Cinematography

Thursday, February 16, 2023

Spielkind now represents not only actors, directors and scriptwriters but also cinematographers. 

We are very happy to be able to fulfil our long-cherished wish of adding this further creative component to our ensemble and we are very proud to open this new department with the following artists: Birgit Gudjónsdottir, Matthias Fleischer, Carmen Treichl

Matthias Fleischer

Matthias grew up in enclosed West-Berlin, super8 film curling around his feet due to his father’s obsession to record family history.  Early on he started shooting stop-motion shorts, documentaries and a 30’ short in Super8 cinemascope at the age of 14 and finally got caught looking into a selfconstructed film viewer, seeing his grandfather playing crocket in the garden who had passed away a couple of months before.

After a brief dip into studying meteorology he got another offer to work in a commercial production – and never went back. Making his way through all the technical jobs behind the camera in feature and music video productions Matthias finally graduated as a DP from reknown Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg with over 20 shorts under his belt which had earned him a handful of awards and an Academy Award nomination as honorary foreign student film.

Based in Berlin and Buenos Aires Matthias has shot over a dozen feature films and some tv movies and commercials since then. Right now he lives in Berlin and Munich.

Carmen Treichl

Since her childhood, Carmen has been attached to the picture – still and specially in motion. She fell in love with cinema and the range of possibilities the cinematic vocabulary offers to communicate emotions. Her aim is to always find an own formalistic ‘dialect’ for each project. For her, cinematography is a mix of framing, light, tempo and timing in motion or stillness in tight relation to the narrated story. After her diploma in graphic design and her master’s degree in Multi Media Art, she moved to Berlin to study cinematography at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB). Her movies were shown on several international festivals like Berlinale, South by Southwest, NewDirectors NewFilms