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There is a famous phrase: "The less you know of an actor, the easier it is, to accept his performance as true and real."

I grew up in a small town in West Germany, as the son of an - obviously - very liberal Catholic priest and a very spirited and locally well known singer. I did everything, children and young people do, when they grow up in a rather rural area, far away from the big city .

The desire to be an actor awoke in me quite late. It was towards the end of my first job. As a teenager, during the visit to a filmstudio, I was approached by a producer and invited to casting for a TV Series. Athough I went to the audition, I refused the role once they offered it to me. I just didn't feel ready at that time. But the Studio seemed convinced, that it probably would be worth to support me in this direction, and kept on asking and inviting me.

Two years later, I was just about to finish school, the phone rang again. Now, that I was at a point, where it was about time to decide on a direction in life, I gave that idea - and most of all myself - a chance! Without knowing, whether I would be up to the challenges, or even ever have the talent to be an actor, I said yes!

I always loved movies and admired the heroes in their stories. And now, there was the possibility for me to become part of this world. I can still remember how it felt. On the outside I played the cool, but inside I almost exploded of nervousness! I felt like a cheater! For a long time I used to say, that my greatest performance has been, to make people believe, that I am a good actor. And maybe it was even true! Because I just did pretend, to know what I was doing! And it worked! Poeple just bought it one hundred percent! And they liked what I was doing! They applauded me, gave me compliments, encouraged and supperted me a lot. There it was! And I wanted to be worth it! I wanted to be worth of all these beautiful things happening to me! I didn't want to just take the place, that was given to me! I wanted to earn it!

I wanted to learn! I wanted to be good! I wanted to really know how it is done!

I wanted to be, what everyone already thought I was!


my name is Vinzenz Kiefer, and I'm an actor!


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GQ Award: Shooting Star of the Year 2008
Undine Awards, Austria 2008: nom. 'Best Young Supporting Actor' for FREE RAINER
Günter Strack TV Award 2004: won 'Best Young Actor' for IM NAMEN DES HERRN and TATORT

Credits Include

Jason Bourne Paul Greengrass
Cobra 11 -various-
Highway to Dhampus Rick McFarland
Bliss Doris Dörrie
Speed Racer Andy Wachowski, Lana Wachowski
The Baader Meinhof Complex Uli Edel
Beyond the Sea Kevin Spacey

Personal Data

Languages German (mother tongue), English - BE/AE (fluent), Spanish (basic)
Residence Berlin
Place of birth Germany
Nationality German
Height 1.75m (5' 8.9“)
Hair dark blond
Eyes light blue
Training Julia Wilson-Dickson (dialect British English), Simone Dietrich (dialect Britsh/American English); Mike Bernardin, Manfred Schwabe, Ursula Michaelis, Christoph Hilger, Frank Müller-Sedino, Michael Margotta, Björn Johnson (acting)
Accents British English, American English
Pitch of the voice tenor
Musical instruments guitar (basic)
Dance modern dance (freestyle)
Sports open water diving, kung fu, krav maga, tennis
Driving licence car (B), motorcycle (A), boat
Special training arms, stunt

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Mar 01

Shooting T-34

Vinzenz is currently shooting for the russian feature film T-34, directed by Alexei Sidorov and produced by Mars Media.

Here you can see a first impression of this historical thriller.

Nov 04

Filming on BOURNE

Vinzenz is currently filming BOURNE, directed by Paul Greengrass.

May 02

New co-star on Germany's hit COBRA 11

Vinzenz has been confirmed to co-star opposite Erdogan Atalay in the most successful German action series COBRA 11. The show is being sold to over 160 countries worldwide.

Nov 01

Pressclipping 2009 - various


Sep 17

"'Höhere Gewalt': Ein harter Film über eine harte Jugendclique" - Tagesspiegel


Mar 30

"Zehn Fragen - Zehn Antworten" - GALA


Feb 09

"Mister Blue Eyes - Achterbahn und Rumpelkammer" - Mode Magazin



Jan 01

"Vinzenz Kiefer - Schluss mit artig" - GQ

Vinzenz Kiefer_GQ_005

Vinzenz Kiefer_GQ_006

Oct 01

"Bilder der Barbarei" - 'Baader-Meinhof-Komplex'-Release - DerSpiegel


Oct 01

"mal im ernst - Vinzenz Kiefer" - GQ


May 30

"1. Mr. Minute: Vinzenz Kiefer" - Blond Magazin




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