Surho Sugaipov

Actor | 1985 | Chechen | Cologne

Personal Data

Languages: Chechen (mother tongue), Russian (fluent), German (fluent), English (good), French (basic)

Residence: Cologne

Place of birth: Grozny, Chechnya

Nationality: Chechen

Hair: black

Eyes: dark green

Pitch of the voice: Tenor

Sports: Wrestling, Boxing, Jiu-jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts

Driving licence: B (PKW)

Feature | Television

2020 | St. Maik | UFA Fiction | RTL | TV series | Director: Markus Sehr u.a. | recurring

2019 | Nightlife | W&B Film | feature film | Director: Simon Verhoeven

2018 | Getrieben | Polyphon, Made in Munich Movies | ZDF | TV movie | Director: Maris Pfeiffer

2018 | Le Bureau des Legends | The Oligarchs Productions | Canal+ | TV series | Director: Eric Rochant

2018 | 4 Blocks | Wiedemann & Berg | TNT | TV series | Director: Oliver Hischbiegel ,Özgür Yildirim | 2. season

2017 | Tatort Dortmund - "Tod und Spiele" | Warner Bros. | ARD | TV series | Director: Maris Pfeiffer

2017 | The Red Collar | ICE3 | feature film | Director: Jean Becker

2017 | Tatort Hamburg - "Dunkle Zeit" | CineCentrum | ARD | TV series | Director: Niki Stein

2017 | In Ayahs Augen | Hamburg Media School | short film | Director: David Wagner

2016 | Volt | Augenschein Filmproduktion | feature film | Director: Tarek Ehlail

2014 | The Great Man | Les Films Hatari | feature film | Director: Sarah Petit | lead



Surho was born in Moscow in 1985.  He grew up in Grozny, Chechnya, and as young teen made contributions and played various roles in TV and school theater productions. With 15, he moved with his family to Germany where he completed his A-levels. Before starting his present university studies in Banking and Finance, he worked in the family’s business and traveled for a year in the Chechen Republic, Turkey and Russia among other countries. He has also fought professionally in Mixed Martial Arts and is well-experienced in various combat sports including wrestling, muay-thai and jiu-jitsu.

In 2013, relatives told Surho about the search in France for an actor to play the lead role of a Chechen soldier in a cinema film that would star the Belgian filmstar Jérémie Renier and be directed by Sarah Leonor. He was invited to the casting in Paris and got the part, prevailing over numerous competitors some of whom were renowned French and English actors. Since then Surho played in well-known international production such as “Tatort” and lastly the second season of “4 Blocks” and “Le Bureau des Legends”.

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