David Christopher Roth


David Christopher was born in Freiburg, Germany. He grew up in Austria, in a small village called Hofstatt. David is the son of actor Wolf Roth and actress Barbara May. However, he never intended on becoming an actor himself. Rather the opposite was the case. After leaving Vienna at the age of 15 to study in the UK, acting chose him, as he was able to audition for a feature film. He got the part, however the film was never done. This was his first experience to let go of himself and to drop into a different character. A feeling, David now eagerly strives for. After finishing his A-Levels with 17, David decided to attend drama school, against the wish of his parents. Thats why he also studied political science. After a short time, he understood that actors lie to tell the truth and politicians lie, to hide it. He stopped studying political science and therefore skipped a year of drama school, was casted on the spot for Goethes Urfaust, Hamlet and other stage plays. A casting director saw his performance in one of them and invited him to an audition for a TV-Series called FOUR WOMEN AND A FUNERAL. Since then, David is a series regular of FOUR WOMEN AND A FUNERAL and is to be seen in other TV-Series episodes as a guest star. What David wants more than anything else, is to make the audience identify/relate themselves with the characters he creates.

Credits Include

Berlin Station Giuseppe Capotondi
Der Kriminalist - " Kicks" Stephan Lacant
Ein Geheimnis im Dorf - Schwester und Bruder Peter Keglevic Nom. Jupiter Award
Der Metzger muss nachsitzen Andreas Herzog
Four Women and a Funeral Wolfgang Murnberger season 6 and 7

Personal Data

Languages German (mother tongue), English (fluent)
Residence Vienna, Berlin
Place of birth Germany
Nationality German, Austian
Height 1.81m (5' 11.3“)
Hair brown
Eyes brown
Training 1st filmacademy
Accents British, American
Pitch of the voice tenor
Musical instruments guitar (basic), piano (basic)
Dance modern dance
Sports swimming, tennis, parkour, golf, skiing, football (soccer), cycling, kick-boxing, riding
Driving licence car (B), motorcycle (A)

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Feb 10


David Christopher is shooting at the moment the US-series BERLIN STATION in Germany, directed by Michael Roskam.

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