Joi Johannsson


Joi Johannsson is an awarded Scandinavian actor born and raised in Iceland. He studied acting in the USA and has worked professionally since gradutating in 1994. Joi made his acting debut in 1986 in an international TV mini series called "Nonni and Manni". Since then he has appeared in over 40 international films and TV productions. The most recent being "Fortitude 2" (UK), where he joins an international cast lead by Dennis Quaid. Other major roles/productions include Clint Eastwoods "Flag of Our Fathers" (USA) and a lead in Baltasar Kormakurs "The Deep" (Iceland). Joi also can be seen in a leading role in the TV mini series "The Lava Field" (Iceland), in the Danish film "The Shamer's Daughter" and in the German TV series ISLAND KRIMI opposite Franka Potente. Latest projects were a role in "The Oath", a Baltasar Kormakur film and a role in the TV series "The Mayor" (Iceland). Former mayor of Reykjavik, comedian Jon Gnarr writes and stars in the series.

Joi is a multi talented performer and is equally versed in comedy and drama. He is extremely good at languages and has a perfect American andBritish accent, he speaks German and the Scandinavian languages all except Finnish. Joi has almost 50 theatre productions under his belt both in the USA and Iceland.

Furthermore Joi has hosted, produced and written over 200 TV episodes and 150 radio shows.

Credits Include

The Oath Baltasar Kormákur
Fortitude Kieron Hawkes, Metin Hüseyin, Hettie Macdonald season 2, 5 episodes
Der Island-Krimi Till Endemann 2 episodes, Ensemble lead
The Lava Field Reynir Lyngdal 4 episodes
The Deep Baltasar Kormákur
Flags of our Fathers Clint Eastwood

Personal Data

Languages Icelandic (mother tongue), English, German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian (fluent)
Place of birth Iceland
Nationality Icelandic
Height 1.80m (5' 10.9“)
Hair blonde
Eyes blue
Training B.A. Degree in Theater and Cinematic Arts from The University Of Hartford 1994, Dance (Body Movement) with Helena Jonsdottir, Astros Gunnarsdottir, Bryndis Einarsdottir, Commedia Dell'arte with Sigurthor Heimisson
Dialects American, British
Accents German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic
Sports Awarded horseman, Tennis, Racquetball, Swimming, Soccer, Team Handball, Basketball, Golf, Badminton, Billiards, Bowl, Motorcycle Lic, Ski,
Weapons Training US army

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Mar 24


Joi is currently shooting SHETLAND in Norway, directed by Lee Haven Jones. SHETLAND is a BBC Scotland crime drama television series starring Douglas Henshall. 

JOI JOHANNSSON (© Jonatan Gretarsson)
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