Sylta Fee Wegmann


Born in East Berlin and named after a movie character, Sylta Fee knew she was destined to be an actress from an early age. As a girl, Sylta quickly landed herself a variety of roles in school theater productions, from Puss in Boots to Goethe's Faust, playing passionately and falling easily in love with the seemingly endless scope of character possibilities.

At 11 years young, prominent German Casting Director Suse Marquardt took Sylta under her wing, catalyzing an early career in television. Though accepted at a renowned drama school in Leipzig, Sylta decided to take another direction when offered a main role in a Portuguese film. While shooting, Sylta began taking acting lessons with Sigrid Andersson and quickly grabbed her second lead role in the film LITTLE PARIS. Sylta continues to shape her calling with workshops, auditions and being in the fabric of the film industry.

Her love for American culture, the English language and Los Angeles as a second adoptive home were essential aspects in perfecting the American accent with dialect coach, Jon Sperry.

Sylta Fee is ever on the hunt for new acting challenges and exceptional characters.

Credits Include

Hansel and Gretel - Witch Hunters Tommy Wirkola
Carlos the Jackal Olivier Assayas

Personal Data

Languages German (mother tongue), English (fluent)
Residence Berlin, Germany
Place of birth Germany
Nationality German
Height 1.61m (5' 3.3“)
Hair brown
Eyes green-blue
Training Workshops with BJÖRN JOHNSON, SAM CHRISTENSEN, ERIC DE GAMA, PETRA GALLASCH, JON SPERRY (accent training), since 2006 Coaching with SIGRID ANDERSSON
Accents American, French
Pitch of the voice mezzosopran
Dance modern
Sports Badminton, Skiing, Yoga
Driving licence B (car)

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