Delphine Lemoine

Credits Include

Sexy a mort Delphine Lemoine season 9 - episode 90
Revers de fortune Delphine Lemoine season 8 - episode 83
Ecart de conduite Delphine Lemoine season 7 - episode 74
Plus belle la vie Delphine Lemoine 10 episodes from 1381 to 1390
Plus belle la vie Delphine Lemoine 10 episodes from 1261 to 1270
Cinq sœurs Delphine Lemoine 10 episodes of 26'

Personal Data

Languages French (mother tongue)
Training La Femis (Graduation 1995), 1995-2005 First AD for television, cinema and advertising (worked among others with Léos CARAX, Cédric KLAPISCH, Nicole GARCIA, Pascal BONITZER, Vincent GARENCQ, Henri HELMAN, Michel FAVART, Alain CHOQUART, Eric SUMMER, Denis THYBAUD, Emmanuel GUST)
Member TV and cinema commission for the Haute-Normandie Region
Member jury for the entrance competition in La FEMIS
Co-host for a weekly radio cinema show on Radio FMR and PACIFIC FM, Rouen (1986-88)
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